Monday, April 22, 2013

53:120 A Tangled Web by Mercedes Lackey

A novella in The Five Hundred Kingdoms series which takes place after Sleeping Beauty.  Leo and Brunhilda are off taking a vacation in Olympia where there are no Godmothers, only the Gods who only sort of act in that capacity.  They are enjoying a lovely day of relaxation on the meadow when suddenly a man driving a chariot with 4 black horses kidnaps Brunhilda and then the earth opens up and he disappears with her back under the earth where he came from.  In another meadow, Persephone has escaped her chores and has met the shepard, her love, whom she knows is really Hades in disguise.  They wander down to the underworld wondering why Thanatos never showed up to kidnap her as Hades had arranged but all too soon, they find out what has happened and then they have to figure out how to get Brunhilda back above ground since she was carried away by 'death' and how to make sure that Persephone can stay as Hades bride while convincing her mother to bring the earth back to life in Olypmia.  And all must be done in accordance to the Tradition lest it take things amiss and come up with even more obstacles to thwart them.

A fun little tale in a wonderful series.  It was nice to see Leo and Bru again and I enjoyed the bonus of the Greek legends intertwined    A definite must read if you have enjoyed the series.

Page count: 91p/13,332p/157,752p

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