Wednesday, April 17, 2013

47:120 Blood Trade by Faith Hunter

The 6th book in the Jane Yellowrock series.  Jane is still completely pissed off at Leo (and Bruiser) for the forced binding and has been avoiding shifting to Beast because she is worried about how the binding was changed and has now bound Beast and how Beast keeps acting whenever Leo or Bruiser are around so when the opportunity to go somewhere else to hunt dangerous vamps and get paid big money to do it comes along, Jane jumps at the chance even as Leo forbids her.  What Jane doesn't know is just how in over her head she is getting and just how different and much more difficult to kill these new vamps are.

Amazingly fast paced and tons of stuff going on in so many ways and it was really a fantastic read. My only issue is I noticed more repetitive things than usual for this author.  I don't remember it in the last book to the same degree so I'm really hoping that it does not become a regular thing.  I think the author was trying to use it as a foreshadowing of some stuff that happens near the end but I thought it was overdone and actually made the ending have less of an impact.

Page count:  337p/11,763p ytd/156,183p lifetime

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