Monday, April 22, 2013

52:120 Embrace the Night by Karen Chance

The 3rd book in the Cassie Palmer series.  Cassie is desperately trying to find a way to remove the geis that was placed on her by Mircea but that has since doubled and mutated because her time travelling and time is running out as Mircea is now quickly losing his mind.  She has been seeking out the Codex Merlini, the famous book of spells of Merlin, as the only place that she has been told there is a reversal spell.  However, no one has seen the book in centuries and all leads have led only to dead ends and usually assassins.  There are many forces aligning against her finding it as well because the book is rumored to have spells that are more dangerous than she can possibly imagine and if she finds it, those spells could spell the end of everything.  Can she find the book and remove the geis before the Consul is forced to kill Mircea because she is rapidly coming to realize he is the one thing she is unwilling to live without?

A solid book in the series with some interesting twists that I didn't see coming.  I'm hoping that this book sees the start of Cassie starting to really trust herself and her intuition instead of constantly allowing herself to be led by others.  One of the characters made a good point that she is Pythia now, a major player in the supernatural world, and she needs to start acting like it.

Page count: 378p/13,241p ytd/157,661p lifetime

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