Friday, April 27, 2012

110:51 Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

The 3rd book in the Jane Yellowrock series.  Jane and Rick have been together for a little over a month now but it's been hard with their respective jobs requiring secrets to be kept.  Now Weres have come out of the closet to the human world and some are in negotiations with Leo which requires Jane's expertise in matters of security, especially since a werewolf pack has decided to come back to town after Leo expelled them decades ago and they want vengeance against him.  In the middle of all this, Rick has gone missing (possibly on an undercover case), Molly's sister is living with Jane and acting odd, Leo's old Mercy Blade, Gee, is now hanging around, and Leo's primary blood servant, Bruiser, is being framed and staying with Jane now as well until he can get his name cleared.  Now Jane has to figure out how all of these things go together to try and keep Leo alive, the negotiations from breaking down, and save Rick.

Another nice fast-paced adventure but I had a bit more trouble with this one than the previous two.  I felt that Jane was really whiny and needy when Rick disappeared and that bothered me.  I also put a lot of things together much faster and it just seemed like she wandered around really clueless for most of the book even when the answers were readily apparent, at least as workable theories, but she just couldn't see anything.  I'm hoping the next one sees her with a bit more of a clue and not so whiny.

Page count: 305p/15,837p ytd

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