Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10:45 Raven's Shadow by Patricia Briggs

Fantasy with an epic feel to it.  The Traveller's are sort of like Earth's gypsies except that within them are those Ordered born who have special powers that are to be used to help the others from The Shadowed who was imprisoned but not destroyed.  Unfortunately, the darkness is spreading and there is a group that is now collecting The Ordered and stealing their power to use for their own means.  When Seraph, an Ordered Raven, is told that her husband, an Ordered Owl, is dead she embarks on a quest with her Ordered children to find out what has really happened to him.

I really, really love the rich worlds and characters that Ms. Briggs brings to her stories.  I also love the way she reveals the history of the world throughout the story without doing a big core dump in the beginning but rather starting you off meeting the characters through their actions and/or thoughts.  A fabulous story teller!

Page count: 334p/14,041p ytd

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