Saturday, April 7, 2012

110:43 Hungry Hearts by Gary McMahon

One of the Tomes of the Dead that Chris wanted me to read.   Great, the guy managed to write a zombie story without ever once using the word zombie and he takes pride in that.  I call shenanigans since all he did was substitute the phrase "walking dead" instead.  Same diff guy.  But really can I just say EWWWWWW!!!!!  I mean the serial killer who was finally able to realize his fantasy with the world going crazy was a big whatever.  The guy who snapped and decided to keep his wife "alive" after the serial killer was done killing her and she was a ZOMBIE was crazy but at least sort of understandable.  But when it develoved towards necrophilia that was just past the ew factor for me.  The story was definitely all about the gross out factor and in that it succeeded wonderfully and I'll admit the guy wrote creepy psychopaths well but I definitely won't be running out to find more of his books to read.  I will however be heading to the store to find some brain bleach.

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