Thursday, January 19, 2012

110:7 Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep

Book 4 in the Elemental Assassins series.  Gin has given notice to Mab that the Spider is going to take her down so Mab has brought in the best assassin money can buy, an electric elemental named LaFleur.  LaFleur is charged to kill Bria (Gin's long lost baby sister), Gin, and to find and kill the Spider since Mab still has no clue that Gin and the Spider are one and the same.  Can Gin take her down first before LaFleur gets her or her sister?  And then there is the added complication of Owen Greyson who has made it clear that he wants a real relationship with Gin and accepts who she is, bloody knives and all.  Seems like dealing with him maybe harder than LaFleur.

Another page turner.  So much going on.  I think my only knock on these books is how much time is given to her self-doubts that she won't be strong enough this time.  I get that being cocky in that line of work tends to leave one dead but still, I don't think we need to hear it every few pages either.  Better balance would be good.  Otherwise, it continues to be an outstanding series.

Page count: 357p/2,628p ytd

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