Tuesday, January 10, 2012

110:3 Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Yet another zombie novel, better than many others I'll grant.  It starts with the outbreak rather than survivors trying to deal with the aftermath.  We follow 2 cops who were first-responders on a call that turns out to be the site of infection so we go through them trying to figure out what is going on.  Another interesting touch is that the people who have been infected still feel and think but have zero control over there body and we occasionally get to hear the thoughts of the first person bitten, his helplessness as he is trapped in a body that doesn't obey his commands and hurts those he knows and his despair as he keeps narrowly missing being killed.  Not an aspect I've seen before as usually it's mindless zombies or occasionally they can think but they also have control over their body.  Otherwise, a pretty typical zombie story.  Enough excitement, plot, and character development to actually keep me interested.  Not enough to make me care if there is a sequel although it has been set-up for one.

Page count: 356p/1,089p ytd

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