Thursday, January 5, 2012

110:1 Naamah's Blessing by Jacqueline Carey

The last of the Naamah's trilogy.  Moirin and Bao have returned to Terre d'Ange as her destiny has led her but both know they have more oceans to cross before they are done.  While there, they have political intrigue to deal with and public perception to get on their side before Moirin can finally set-off to correct the wrong she was part of when she first came to Terre d'Ange as a naive young girl looking for her father.  New worlds await them across the sea but whether they can survive them is another matter.

Well, starting off the new year's reading with this one was definitely a good choice.  It ends the current trilogy and wraps up things with Moirin and Bao.  There could be more stories to tell there if she chooses but if she doesn't, that's okay too.  It's got a satisfying conclusion for that pair and told in Ms. Carey's beautiful style.

Page count: 605p/605p ytd

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