Tuesday, September 27, 2016

76:120 A History of US: The First Americans by Joy Hakim

This is now my third time reading this history book.  Here's my previous review:

Book 1 in the History of Us series which we are using for 5th & 8th grade US History.  It's a two year course so I'll be working on these for a while.  Honestly, I'm not overly thrilled with the series.  It's very jumpy in it's telling and the language isn't as engaging as I was hoping for.  8th grader loved it in 5th grade but hates it now.  I can see why.  It's working well for the 5th grader tho with the super short chapters.  So long as it's working, we'll stick with it but I was so hoping for something more engaging like the Oxford series we did for middle school Ancient History.

Well, having a year break from the lovely Oxford series and trying to read high school history while reading this along with a having a child who is enjoying it makes it seem better than this.  I think it is a decent history curriculum for the 5-6th graders, short chapters and a bit of engaging "let's pretend" thing going on, but it definitely will suffer in comparison to other, stronger texts.  Still better than high school history courses in general though since it dives deeper.

Page count: 183p/20,667p ytd/269,817p lifetime

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