Wednesday, September 7, 2016

69:120 Lawful Interception by Cory Doctorow

A short story that serves as a follow-up to Little Brother and Homeland.  Marcus and Ange are in Oakland when a huge earthquake hits and devastation follows.  They help out and end up falling in with the Occupy Senaca group to help those who are being lost in the system.  Of course, powers that be don't like the Occupy group and work with the city government to shut it down.  Marcus and his friends are not about to let this happen and get in on the demonstrations and with the help of some new technology he comes up, are able to find a way to outsmart them

In all, this was a good follow-up story that does work as a standalone if needed. It was pretty basic and kept to the same plotlines of the books.  I found the description of democracies interesting and the idea of fluid democracy intriguing.

Page count: 51p/19,035p ytd/268,185p lifetime

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