Sunday, September 11, 2016

71:120 Full of Briars by Seanan McGuire

A novella told by Toby's squire, Quentin, between Chimes at Midnight and The Winter Long.

Quentin's parents, the High King and Queen of the Westlands, are coming to the Kingdom of the Mists for a visit.  Ostensibly it is for the coronation of the new Queen but both Toby and Quentin realize that they are really coming because Quentin has outed himself as their son and invalidated his blind fosterage.  What neither of them know is what this will mean.  They are within their rights to recall their son home but Quentin doesn't want to leave.  San Francisco and the people there have become his home.  Now how can he convince them to let him stay..

It has been nice watching Quentin grow through the series and watching him with his parents was wonderful.

Page count: 44p/19,179p ytd/268,329p lifetime

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