Thursday, August 25, 2016

66:120 Daring by Elliot James

The 2nd book in the Pax Arcana series.  John is still being chased by the Knights and knows the only way to keep his friends safe, now that he has some, is to give himself up and try to make a deal with them.  However, his plan runs into problems when Sig contacts the new Werewolf pack in North America that has made itself well known to the Knights and not in a good way.  In exchange for their help, Sig has promised that John will undergo their initiation and give a good try at joining the pack.   The Knights love the idea of John being on the inside and John must decide where his loyalties actually lie.

John continues to stay basically true to his own moral code which is confusing but somehow fairly consistent even in the midst of some truly crazy stuff.  Of course, Sig comes back in the 3rd act after telling John she needed time to get her head on straight.  It's not but it was thoroughly predictable that she would be back.  On the whole, it was trying to do twists and turns but they were pretty well telegraphed and nothing really surprised me.  I do like the characters and it wasn't a bad story but I felt like it suffered from trying too hard with no success.

Page count: 400p/18,348p ytd/267,498p lifetime

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