Friday, August 5, 2016

64:120 Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body by Jo Marchant

Jo Marchant goes around the world exploring the concept of just how much influence over our body the mind actually has and the results are incredible.  It's long been established that stress and anxiety have a detrimental effect on our bodies but now research is finally catching up that healing thoughts, placebos, and most of all human connection can have incredibly beneficial results on not only our mental well being but our physical well being as well.  It may be that homeopathy doesn't work because of the memory of some chemical compound but rather that it's the fact that the practitioner takes the time to sit and talk with the patient, something that is lacking more and more in the Western medical culture where it's how many people can you get in and out with a pill.  Studies are even finding that placebos can have amazing affects on the mind and body even when the patient knows that they are taking a placebo but that simply the act of doing something can cause the brain to release it's own cures.  I found it interesting that as I was reading the book the neurological/immune system link that was talked about having to exist but not yet found was discovered.  The whole book was a fascinating read about what our minds are capable of.

Page count: 320p/17,627p ytd/267,587p lifetime

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