Thursday, February 25, 2016

18:120 Charming by Elliott James

Book 1 in the Pax Arcana series.  John Charming comes from a long line of protectors for the humans, now known as the Knights Templar.  However, he has been running from that order for a while now as he is part werewolf and that taint outweighs his bloodline.  His current life is as a bartender in the small town of Clayburg.  He is doing his best to lie low when a Valkyrie walks into the bar followed shortly after by a vampire.  That's when things get a bit weird.  Next thing he knows, he has taken out the vampire and a few of his friends and is now being approached by Sig, the Valkyrie, to help her small band of monster hunters figure out another supernatural problem.  John wants to say no but something deep inside says yes for him instead.

It was an interesting take on supernaturals in modern times.  Male protagonist so not as common in my urban fantasy reads.  I felt it was a bit rough and I'm not 100% sold on the series but the world was interesting enough that I'll give the second book a chance.  Hopefully the read will be a bit smoother and a bit more gripping with less explaining needing to be done.

Page count: 391p/5,097p ytd/255,144p lifetime

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