Saturday, February 20, 2016

15:120 Driven by Kelley Armstrong

A Pack novella of the Otherworld.  Elena has had to make the most difficult decision as Alpha, how to deal with Malcolm Danvers.  He is cruel and a bully and sees anyone not like him as weak, including his own son and previous Alpha, Jeremy.  Now he has asked to return to the Pack and do whatever he is told to do.  After much soul-searching, Elena sees that this may be a key to showing how the Pack has transformed and grown but it still leaves a vile taste in her mouth.  Only a few months after agreeing to it, a call comes in that someone has murdered a few of the Cain family, a family of mutts but still werewolves.  Elena goes to investigate, bringing Nick, Clay, Reese, and Malcolm with her. This will not only be a test of Malcolm's loyalty but a test for her and those with her as well to see how they will deal with having him around.

I continue to love these characters and am so thankful that while the main series story has been told, we continue to get these novellas seeing how Elena, Clay, and the Pack are doing (with occasional glimpses at the other women as well).  Watching the twins grow, watching Elena take on the role of Alpha, watching Karl with Hope, it's all fabulous and this was no different.  I hope Ms. Armstrong continues to do these for a long time to come.

Page count: 230p/4,443p ytd/254,490p lifetime

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