Wednesday, February 10, 2016

12:120 Darkness Raging by Yasmine Galenorn

Otherworld book #18, told by Menolly.  Things are changing and changing fast for the sisters and their friends.  Camille has been told that she must take her place with the faerie queens soon and Delilah is moving up her wedding with Chase.  Now Blood Wyne has decided that it is needed for Menolly to become more than just the official consort of her son Roman, she and Nerissa are to become his wives.  And that is just the personal side of things.

On the war front, things are heating up.  Camille has called in her favor with the dragons to help against Telazhar in Otherworld and his reign of terror is finally at an end.  Unfortunately, Shadow Wing is still out there and taking advantage of the portals popping up everywhere to send his allies over to wreck havoc here on Earth.  After taking out Telazhar, the sisters are now in his sights so he does what any self-respecting villain does and snatches Nerissa and will exchange her for the 4 spirit seals that the sisters have found so far.  That would give him 8 with only one still to be found before the separation of the worlds can be undone.  Menolly knows she can't risk everyone and everything to save her wife but there is no way she can just sit by either...

After a big lull in the major plot of the series, things are coming to a head rapidly. This book moved super fast and I found it almost crazy how much was dealt with.  It was good and I enjoyed it but it was almost too much, too fast.  It left me with a sense of reader's whiplash.  LOL

Page count: 306p/3,747p ytd/254,042p lifetime

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