Tuesday, May 19, 2015

55:120 Return of the King by JRR Tolkein

Original review:
The end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.   Everyone who has read it always remembers Frodo's trials, Sam's devotion, Gollum's part in the destruction of it.  What I always forget until I read the book again is the aftermath, especially in the Shire.  The movies always leave that out, it's always forgotten.  It's always the HEA once the ring is gone.  Aragorn gets married, Eowyn is engaged, and yes it's sad that Frodo and Bilbo sail off with the elves but that's ok after what they've been through but it's all still HEA resolutions.  I think it's incredibly telling that Tolkien doesn't actually leave it there but takes it to a more realistic ending where the Hobbits come back to find the Shire besieged by Sarauman.  Their homes weren't just safely waiting for them to come home and they had to fight to get the evil out there as well.  War doesn't pass over your home because you are on the frontlines and this made sure to point that out.  Yes, in the end there is the HEA but it took longer than just riding off into the sunset to achieve and I respect the heck out of Tolkien for that.

At some point now, I really need to read some of the other books set in that world as I do enjoy it but always forget how much until I end up rereading it again.

Yeah, really do need to find the time to read some of the other ones.  I finally bought the Silmarillion for the Kindle so maybe that will be more incentive?

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