Thursday, May 7, 2015

50:120 The Bridge to Neverland by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson

The 5th book in the Starcatchers series.  This takes place in modern times, 2010 or so, and we are following Sarah and Aiden who have found a map in an old desk their father has acquired just before they are heading to England on a family vacation.  Sarah insists that they follow it and by doing so, they find an old cache of starstuff the Starcatchers left behind.  Unfortunately, by opening the cache, they have alerted the remnants of Ombra that there is starstuff again and he is after it to try and bring himself back into his full power once more.  Sarah and Aiden are forced to run away from home and try to find a way to get it somewhere safe once again but that means trying to follow the clues to find the bridge to Neverland which is no longer a regular part of our world and may be the only place where they can leave it safely.

Bringing the story into modern times caused it to lose some of the whimsy that the first four had and Peter as someone who is now over 100 years old, trapped on the island with all his friends and enemies who also don't age and where basically nothing ever changes and he has become jaded and suspicious of anything different which makes him much less approachable than in previous books.  On the whole, it was neat to see things brought forward to modern time and Peter's reaction to it but I don't think it was definitely a step down from the previous books.

Page Count: 438p/,11,815p ytd/226,749p lifetime

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