Friday, January 16, 2015

3:120 Symbiont by Mira Grant

The second book in the Parisitology trilogy.  The Symbo-Gen implants are taking over more and more of their hosts and turning them into sleepwalkers whose only thought seems to be to consume those that aren't like them.  Sal is with Dr. Cale, one of the original inventors of the Symbo-Gen worm, and has brought them back the information she could gather from her trip there, the trip that caused the disappearance of Tansy, a chimera like herself.  Dr. Cale and her group are now trying to figure out what has caused the tapeworms to continue with the hostile takeover of their hosts.  However, as the only naturally occurring chimera there are many other factions that want Sal as well.  There is Sherman, her handler from Symbo-Gen, who is also a chimera but lab-created and who wants the implanted tapeworms to take over the human race completely.  And of course, Dr. Banks, head of Symbo-Gen and one of the creators of the parasites, who has always known what Sal was and has a vested interest in doing more research on her to try and salvage his company and reputation.  Sal has made her choice as to where her allegiances lie but there are tests to be passed with every choice.

I wanted to love this book as I'm a huge fan of Mira Grant but I just couldn't.  The same basic situations were repeated over and over with generally the same results which were completely predictable and no one EVER learned from them.  Sal made some of the most idiotic decisions ever and I get that she is a tapeworm who has taken over a human body and is just learning about a lot of things but holy cow!!  This was originally supposed to be a duology instead of a trilogy and I think it would have been better if it had stayed that way.  This book felt forced and just sort of limped along without actually adding much to the story that couldn't have been contained in a chapter or two of a more pertinent book.

Page count: 516p/732p ytd/215,666p lifetime

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