Saturday, September 14, 2013

96:120 Miss Buncle's Book by D.E. Stevenson

Miss Barbara Buncle lived a little life in the little village of Silverstream.  It was a perfectly pleasant village, everything you would imagine in a small English country village until Miss Buncle wrote a book.  It was a small thing that she was really hoping to sell for a modest amount, if at all possible, because she needed some money.  Admitting to having no imagination, she observed all the people of her town and created a fictional town peopled with them under different names.  After a bit, the story turned and the imagination she proposed not to have came into play in the form of the "golden boy".  But what happens when the things the people in her book do start being done by the people in her sleepy little village?   And all of Silverstream is in an uproar about the book having figured out they are the ones that are being told about, and now it's a bestseller, so what will they do when they figure out who "John Smith" is?

A book club read.  I found it to be a fairly relaxed, light read that made me shake my head at some of the seemingly absurd situations that come about.  

Page count: 304p/25,226p ytd/169,626p lifetime

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