Wednesday, September 18, 2013

100:120 Ninja Meerkats: Clan of the Scorpion by Gareth P. Jones

A special tiger has been stolen from the Hong Kong Zoo, one who knows the Roar of Victory, and the Ninja Meerkats are pretty sure that their arch nemisis, The Ringmaster, is behind her disappearance.  Can they get to Hong Kong and free her in time or will The Ringmaster finally have the world at his feet?

Yep, another book my 7yr old insisted I read because he loved it. It was kinda cute and good for the 6-9yr old set.  I'm going to try desperately to get out of reading the rest of the series tho.  Just not engaging for me.

Page count: 105p/26,593p ytd/170,993p lifetime

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