Thursday, July 25, 2013

84:120 How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea by Mira Grant

A novella set in the Newsflesh world some time after the events of Blackout.  Mahir has decided that it's time to meet his Australian team in the flesh and check out the "rabbit fence" that is now holding back the zombified wildlife of the Outback.  Kangaroos, even ones that have amplified, are protected and may not just be shot on sight which is definitely a hard thing for Mahir to grasp.  Well, that and the less frequent blood tests, front yards, and the general air of actual freedom that the Aussies seem to enjoy.  Having been raised in London this is definitely a new and disturbing thing for him.  But when he gets to the fence, he finds that there are more things to be disturbed about than their seemingly lackadaisical attitude towards spontaneous amplification.

First, do not read this if you have not read the Newsflesh trilogy already (Fee, Deadline, Blackout).  There are massive spoilers for those books in this novella.

Now my thoughts.  I was, disappointed isn't quite the right word, but underwhelmed may be.  I LOVE the Newsflesh trilogy and I really enjoyed the other novellas set in this world but this one just didn't deliver.  It's not bad but it's slow and plodding and I felt like several of the main points were overstated way too many times while actual plot was not as strong.  Also the zombie kangaroos were really talked up in the material leading up to release but were a very minor part of the actual story and did very little.  Not what I was hoping for to be honest.  The best part was the sneak peek at the end of the new novel coming out later this year.

Page count: 132p/21,461p ytd/165,861p lifetime

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