Tuesday, June 18, 2013

73:120 Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

A coming of age story set during a world-wide apocalypse.  Julia is enjoying the morning after a sleepover with her friend when the news comes down, the world is starting to slow.  The days start growing longer as do the nights.  Gravity is affected while birds, whales, and crops are slowly dying off.  While all this is going on, Julia is dealing with the typical teenage angst of having a best friend one day and then not the next day, does that cute guy I like like me too, and what is up with seeing my dad over at my piano's teacher house when he's supposed to be at work.

I wanted to like this one.  I typically like dystopian and apocalypic fiction and I thought the concept of the Earth slowing and the results of that well done in that it was believable the types of problems that would be coming about both biological as well as behavioral and societal.  The problem was, I don't like teenage angst and drama.  I lived through it once and that was enough.  I now have my own teenagers and have to watch it on a daily basis.  I read to escape it, not deal with more of it and there was just too much of it.   Do I think that were a teenage girl actually living through it would sound like that in a diary?  Yeah, probably.  But I wouldn't want to read said diary for that exact reason.

Page count: 289p/18,558p ytd/162,978p lifetime

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