Saturday, September 1, 2012

110:92 Eyes Like Leaves by Charles deLint

Hafarl's staff is broken and the power of summer is waning as his brother, Lothan, the Winter Lord, is determined to bring about the Everwinter.  To bring balance back, the Summerlord's staff must be restored but how can an old man, a young apprentice, and an untried and untutored girl possibly manage that.

First time reading Charles deLint and I can understand now why he comes so highly recommended in fantasy.  This was a lovely tale, deftly woven so that all the pieces were laid out to come together in the end but without it being boring because you know exactly what will happen.  Yes, good will win out but it's how all those pieces come together that is just a joy to behold.

Page count: 320p/28,927p ytd

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