Thursday, March 22, 2012

110:36 Soulless by Gail Carriger

Picked this one up on the recommendation of my local dealer, um I mean book pusher, I mean local bookstore owner.  He's an evil one that man but back to the book.

I've never read anything even remotely steampunk before.  I knew the genre existed (I'm not that deaf, dumb, and blind) but really was generally clueless as to what it was about other than gears and odd bits stuck onto old-fashioned clothing and why the heck anyone would want to write about that confused the heck out of me but not nearly so much as why anyone would want to read about it.  I gradually figured out there was more to it but not by much and had resolved to try it "some day" and then stuck it to the back of my brain.

Then this was shoved into my hand.  I admit, I like my urban fantasy.  It's my bubblegum, my popcorn, my midnight bowl of ice cream all wrapped up in one without the fat content ending up on my hips.  So when I saw that this had elements of urban fantasy that I liked thrown together with steampunk in 19th century London, was kind of inevitable that it would end up coming home with me (well, this and all subsequent ones as I had a feeling it was bound to keep my interest).

It did not disappoint.  A strong female character but trying to hold to the ideas and proprietary of the time but thrust into situations very outside the norm being courted by supernaturals for reasons unknown with a mystery very much underfoot.  I loved the flamboyent Lord Akeldama and the all the attention to fashion, scenery, and the little details.  So very glad I have the rest of the series already sitting on my shelf waiting for me.

Page count: 373p/11,126p ytd

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