Monday, March 12, 2012

110:33 Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

The 3rd game in the Alpha & Omega series.  Charles is normally closed and reserved and has been his father's enforcer for years and years but things are starting to wear on him and Anna is worried enough to get in Bran's face about it.  So when Bran is approached for a werewolf to help in an FBI serial murder investigation since the killer is now targeting werewolves, he sends Anna as his envoy since by her presence she calms others which leads to good PR and Charles can be there in the background as her bodyguard.  And maybe while they are gone, Anna can get Charles to open up their link again and get restore their relationship.

Another fabulous book by Patricia Briggs.  I like the contrast between Mercy in her other books who is strong and kick-ass and Anna in these books who is calmer and has to work to not be a victim.  It's so rare to find authors who can write both well.  This series has grown on me and the ending of this one is a total cliff-hanger.  I can't wait to see how this evolves in both this book and in Mercy's.

Page count: 293p/10,297p ytd

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