Friday, March 16, 2012

110:34 Tide of Souls by Simon Bestwick

Interesting take on zombies.  The world gets flooded and the zombies rise from the depths, controlled by the sea.  After thousands of years of people dying in horror and rage, those memories have imprinted on the sea and given it a sentience of sorts but one that only has those emotions.  Can anyone figure out a way to stop it before the entire human race is wiped out?

I felt it took a long while to get really established and the majority of the interesting stuff happened in the second half.  The first half was simply "How many zombie attacks can I throw in".  Some character development but not enough for the slower plodding place.  If you can't get enough zombies or enjoy them but really looking for something different, go for it but if you are only meh about zombies, skip it.

Page count: 263p/10,560p ytd

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