Thursday, August 11, 2011

NPR Top 100 SciFi/Fantasy

Ok, one thing I have to admit.  I'm kind of a list nerd when it comes to my books.  I didn't use to be this way and I'm not sure quite when or how it happened but I'm definitely pretty OCD when it comes to my books.  I have my to-read stuff on both Goodreads and Shelfari.  Shelfari actually has my read list as well for the last several years and I'll be porting that over to Goodreads too as soon as I have some time to do so.  I researched several lists of classics to figure out what books I should search out and read outside of my normal genre.  I then comprised a spreadsheet which is still in progress that lists all those books and how many lists they appear on and then calculates that to give each book a numerical value in terms of how quickly I should get to reading it.  It also lists if I own the book or have it on a wishlist and whether or not I've read it.  It's kind of a work in progress since I'm constantly finding new lists that I feel have books of worth on them that should be added to this project.

Told you I was an OCD list nerd when it came to my books.

Today's favorite new list is the NPR Top 100 SciFi/Fantasy list: here
From there you can also check out the top 237 finalists that people got to vote on.  I printed that one out as well so I could add all of them to my spreadsheet.  I figured I will have read the majority of the top 100 (I was right, I have) and have most of the rest already sitting around in the to-read stack but that those were going to have a popular element to them while many more obscure titles would get left out but are equally good, if not better than, the ones that made the cut.

Enjoy the reads!

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