Tuesday, August 2, 2011

104:66 Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

The 13th full novel in the Dresden series by Jim Butcher.  Harry Dresden is dead.  Shot through the chest and fallen into deep lake dead.  Really, really dead dead.  But hey, sometimes a ghost's got to do what a ghost's got to do.  And in Harry's case, that's go back and help his friends.  Oh, and figure out who killed him.  Little details like that.

I liked the way Mr. Butcher handled having his main character die by bringing him back as a ghost and one that has a hard time interacting with the living since, well, he's a ghost.  Lots of good action, same Harry.  A good read and I loved up until the last chapter.  I won't spoil it except to say, it wasn't a shock but it was a disappointment.

Page count: 477p/20,094p ytd

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