Thursday, October 20, 2016

81:120 Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliot

Jes has been singled out to move quickly up the ranks of the Fives Court but while she trains hard, always in the back of her mind is her family and their safety and how to protect them from Lord Gargaron.  With Kal and her father off to the frontlines, she needs to rely on others who are not as watched as she is but trust is hard for her, especially with so much at stake.  Then she starts overhearing things, plots within plots at the highest levels of the palace but she has no one she can trust with this information and certainly no one who would believe her.  When she is taken on a traveling party to inspect the gold mines, she finds her twin sister and thinks things might finally be coming together but then her party is attacked and plots start unfolding faster than the rings turn in the Fives Court.  Jes who can see how those rings move so clearly on the Court is having a much harder time figuring things out when she is in the middle of so many different plots pushing her in so many different directions but who can she turn to for help.

A good follow-up to the first book.  Jes is growing as a character even if sometimes it's painfully slow and that is something that I really want to see in books.  Some of the twists and turns were beautifully orchestrated and a few I wasn't expecting at all which is always a bonus.  I'm now bummed that I have to wait almost a year for the end of this trilogy.

Page count: 480p/21,883p ytd/271,033p lifetime

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