Wednesday, October 12, 2016

80:120 Fairy Deby by Gail Carriger

Cups is a young fairy with a big problem.  Her mother was saved by the local human king and so she owed him a death debt.  When she died with it unfullfilled, it passed on to Cups and no fairy can grow their wings with such a debt hanging on to them.  Now she has traveled to the King's court to become the Lesser Jester to the princess to try and work off this debt but somehow, teaching the princess to tumble doesn't seem like it will do the trick.

A fun little tale with fairies and a princess and even a dragon to read when you standing in line at the grocery store or otherwise have a few minutes to spare and just want the world to stop for a bit.

Page count: 21p/21,403p ytd/270,553p lifetime

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