Wednesday, July 2, 2014

76:120 A Karma Girl Christmas by Jennifer Estep

As the newest superhero member of the Fearless Five, Karma Girl has been selected to guard the Christmas toys and gifts that will be given out on Christmas morning to the needy children of Bigtime.  Although an ubervillain has never before messed with these gifts, this year the Mintalator and Caveman Stan have decided they are tired of a being a D-list villains and are going to nab them and sell them on eBay to fund their retirement.  Can Karma Girl possibly defeat both of them by herself with only her psychic superpower to help her?

It was nice seeing how Karma Girl is actually fitting in as a superhero and member of the Fearless Five as she hasn't been a big character since the first book in the series.  I also liked how with it being a short story, there wasn't the repetitive inner-monologue which irritates me so.  Just a nice sweet story.

Page count: 91p/18,758p ytd/199,796p lifetime

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