Wednesday, August 28, 2013

92:120 Redshirts by John Scalzi

The UUC Intrepid is getting another batch of ensigns added to its crew which is a good thing as they seem to be running low again.  Away missions are dangerous things as Ensign Dahl soon comes to realize and missions with senior officers even more so.  Not for the officers mind you, unless you are named Kerensky, but for any lowly ensign who might happen to be with them as they seem to die off at an alarming rate and in some of the most incredibly ludicrous ways.  Then there is the matter of The Box which looks like a microwave but can solve the most complex problems in just under the time allotted.  Just what is going on around this ship?

It's a tale that starts off as a jab at Star Trek's redshirt syndrome and then takes that in strange new directions.  I've never read Scalzi before but he's a favorite of my husband and amongst several of my friends so this seemed like a good one to cut my teeth on.   There were some strange writing ticks that bothered me a bit (the stating who said something every single line is a good one) but on the whole I found it amusing enough and will probably raid my husband's bookshelf at some point to read some of his other works.

Page count: 317p/24,091p ytd/168,491p lifetime

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