Wednesday, August 7, 2013

90:120 My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

Angel is white trash in every sense of the word.  She lives in a run down, filthy trailer with her alcoholic father, her mother is dead and wasn't any better than her dad when she was alive, she dropped out of high school and hasn't been able to hold down a job, she pops pills and drinks a ton, and her boyfriend is for crap.  The one day she wakes up in the hospital after being found naked on the side of the road.  She has no idea what happened as her last recollections are being at a bar with her boyfriend and talking to another guy.  When she is discharged she finds a mysterious package with her clothes and some bottles of coffee looking sludge and a note that says she should drink one every other day and oh, she starts her job working for the coroner as a van driver the next day and she should not be late and she must keep this job for at least 30 days or else.  She figures it's some sort of work rehab program but it's better than jail but then she starts noticing that brains are smelling awfully good...

A friend got this for my oldest who is zombie obsessed but even he raised an eyebrow at it and wasn't sure he would read it when we ran across it on a list of Top 10 Zombie Books.  There were others on that list that he had loved so he figured he'd give it a try and he enjoyed it and then told me I had to read it too.  I'm not much for the zombie genre myself but there have been the occasional one that I've enjoyed and this one looked better than a lot of the ones I've read at his insistence so I agreed.  I found it poignant in some ways and laugh out loud funny in others.  Angel is who she is and I loved seeing her grow and figure her way through things, including how to manage her own life.  It doesn't try to be anything than what it bills itself as and that is a fun bubblegum read and it succeeds marvelously at being that.

Page count: 310p/23,577p ytd/167,977p lifetime

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