Friday, June 29, 2012

110:70 Way of the Barefoot Zombie by Jaspar Bark

Doc Papa is running a course he calls "The Way of the Barefoot Zombie" in which the richest people are invited to come and try to learn how to detach themselves from their emotions in order to do what needs doing to make more money.  They learn how to move among zombies safely by imitating them right down to the eating of living human flesh.  The course culminates in the removing of the Gros Bon Ange, the higher reasoning part of the soul, through voodoo means and trapping it in a vessel so it can be returned later to argue the person's case to get into heaven unaware of what was done while they were removed.

Two of the current crop of students are more than they seem tho, they are members of the Zombie Liberation Front, and mean to set the noble dead free to roam the Earth rather than being used in this fashion.  Another is also not as she appears, a voodoo practioner in her own right from the island who had escaped when Doc Papa first came into power.  She is back to free the souls of the zombies so they can move on and to take the island back from Doc Papa.

An interesting take combining zombies and voodoo (ok, that's not unusual).  I found it a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up towards the middle.  There were some parts I felt were just thrown in for the ick factor and it could have been just as powerful without and I thought part of the ending was just a little too hokey but otherwise, a decent zombie book.

Page count: 239p/22,642p ytd

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