Monday, June 18, 2012

110:67 I am Legend by Richard Matheson

This book included not only the novel "I am Legend" but also a number of short stories.

First, I am Legend.  Robert Neville is just a regular person who happened to survive this plague that has turned the majority of people into "vampires".  We watch him as he tries to learn all he can about what could have caused it and consider ways to cure it while continuing to fortify his house and eek out a survival.  We share his loneliness, his despair in his unchanging and never-ending days.

I'd seen the movie and while I knew it would be different I was unprepared for the movie to bear only a passing similarity to the book.  They really are two different things (sort of like I am Robot).  The book was very good in it's own right tho but it took me a while to wrap my head around things and stop expecting it to come back around and meet-up with the movie.  I think looking at both, the book is better and in it's own way, scarier.  

Second, the short stories.  There were about 10 and they were all W-E-I-R-D!  And in a seriously creepy way.  No simple stories as even the shortest would have some bizarro twist to them which left me open-mouthed saying "Oh, no, he did not just do that".

So in all, an incredible read.  Just don't go into expecting anything like the Will Smith movie because you most definitely won't get that.

Page count: 320p/21,710p

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