Thursday, May 11, 2017

33:120 Carry On by Seanan McGuire

Mary had saved and budgeted carefully for this airplane flight. Flying was so expensive but she couldn't afford the time off to see her sister any other way so this may be her last chance ever to mend these bridges that separated them.  She dieted for the last 6mos to get her weight down to the amount she had entered when she booked the flight but she was worried that even now, it wouldn't be enough and how would she afford the extra fees if she was over what she paid for.  The man in front of her was over and arguing with the TSA agent.  He wouldn't win and she didn't want to be in that position either but could she escape it?

A terrifying glimpse at what our future could hold where your airline tickets are based on how much weight you are bringing on the plane between yourself and your luggage. How there are scales right there where they weigh everything and then charge you exorbitant fees if you are over.  It's a future I can too easily see us coming to with the way things seem to be heading in favor of the corporations over the people all the time.  I do think that if it were to happen like this that other methods of travel may become more popular (heck, my family rarely flies for a trip because there are 6 of us and it's too dang expensive without something like this so we drive) but there will always be times when its needed and no one should have to go through an experience like this.  I only hope that this fiction stays as fiction and does not become our reality.

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