Thursday, March 30, 2017

20:120 Batman: Court of Owls Vol.1 by Scott Synder, Greg Capullo, & Jonathan Glapion

The Court of Owls has been rumored and hinted at for as long as Gotham has been around.  Always a group that operates in the dark, controlling the underworld, but Batman has looked into it but never found any evidence until a string of brutal murders targeting Bruce Wayne and friends starts up. Now he is in the thick of things and it seems to have been following his family for generations but is this real or is he finally loosing his grip on reality?

I thought the story was intriguing.  My big hand up so often with comics is the artwork and in this case it was ok, except where it was supposed to be ugly because that fit with the story itself.  I was I had been more gripped by the whole thing but for whatever reason, I just wasn't.  I've been told by family members I need to keep going so I will hope the next one works better for me.

Page count: 176p/4,012p ytd/278,487p lifetime

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