Tuesday, May 10, 2016

40:120 The Borrowers by Mary Norton

A classic tale of the little people who live in your walls or under your floors and are the reason things are not where you put them.  Sweetly told by an older lady to a young girl in the house she lived in as a story she heard from her brother about what happened one year when he was staying with his aunt.  One of the biggest rules of the Borrowers, as they call themselves, is to not be seen but that year there were only a family of three that seemed to still be living in the house and the young daughter was bored and desperate for a friend.  Arrietty was finally allowed to go borrowing with her father and ended up being seen by the young boy.  Their friendship was something they both needed but when the boy started bringing them too many presents, their lives were forever turned upside down.

There is now a Miyazaki film based on this book that we have and I need to watch.  The story itself is cute, very simple and sweet.  My 10yr old says he enjoyed it but not enough to be interested in reading any of the others and I can see why.  Maybe more happens in those books but this was definitely a slower moving book than he tends to like.  I have to say that even if he did, I probably wouldn't continue with the series either as it is a bit slow.

Page count: 180p/10,645p ytd/260,722p lifetime

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