Wednesday, September 16, 2015

98:120 The Drafter by Kim Harrison

The first in a new series by Kim Harrison, author of the Rachel Morgan Hollow series.

Peri Reed is a Drafter, a person who can go back a few seconds in their own personal time line and change things.  She is working for Opti Corporation and believes that she is a good agent working for the good of not only her company but also for her government to protect people.  Her new assignment seems totally normal until the CEO of the company she and her partner, Jack, are infiltrating comes walking into his office telling her that he has the list of corrupt agents and her name is on it.  His security guard comes in and shoots Peri which causes her to Draft to save her own life and in that time period, her partner changes everything and then helps to push the new timeline into her head to make that real and keep her from remembering the old one.

Silas is an anchor, one of the first and incredibly good, who no longer works for Opti but for the Alliance, a group who is trying to take Opti and their Drafting program down.  He is sent to get Peri away from Opti and try to extract information from her for that cause but now Opti has managed to cause a Draft and use that to erase the last 3 years of Peri's life and Silas's job has gotten much, much harder.  Peri now suspects that she can't trust anyone at Opti but she has no reason to trust Silas either.  The only thing she really knows for sure is that she needs to figure out what has been going on in her life for the last several years before she can move forward.

This was quite a departure from the Rachel Morgan series and while I don't always jump into new series, even by authors I love, if they don't seem intriguing to me but when the concept for this one was announced, I immediately put the release date on my calendar.  It's not quite my usual genre being more mystery but the time jumping aspect added in piqued my interest and I'm so glad I read it.  It's very different and very hard to put down but there is also a LOT going on that you are trying to keep track of and many different twists and turns.  Apparently this is the start of a new series so while this one wrapped up nicely there are enough loose ends dangling so it will be interesting to see where the next one goes.

Page count: 422p/26,051p ytd/240,983p lifetime

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