Thursday, August 7, 2014

84:120 Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

The 7th book in the Kate Daniels series.  After her encounter with Hugh, she knows that Roland is going to find her sooner rather than later and she is frantic trying to prepare not only herself but also those she loves for the eventuality.  Now Curran is gone on a treaty mission and she is left alone when Hugh shows up in Atlanta and starts stirring up some serious sh*t between the Pack and the People and the Witches are telling her that Roland will be coming for Atlanta soon and she must do something to stop it.  She is now realizing that she is not strong enough, and likely never will be, to kill Roland but how is she to protect those that she loves and has sworn to defend?

This was a book that started off with a bang and didn't let up for a single moment.  Harsh situations and harsh truths abound in this one and there were many times when I had to put it down for a few minutes as I was going "WTF?!" but then I had to pick it up again almost immediately to see what was going to happen next.  There were several heart-stopping moments, especially towards the end but in the end it was amazingly satisfying with some interesting twists.  As the authors have said, this is the end of this chapter of the story arc but there is plenty still to come.  I just wish it was coming sooner!!!

Page count: 381p/21,609p ytd/202,647p lifetime

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