Friday, August 17, 2012

110:85 Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny

I admit, I'm not a bit sci-fi fan tending to stick more to the fantasy side of that genre and even then, I like things with dragons and wolves and elves and things like that.  I don't do the darker nitty-gritty stuff since I figure I get enough of a challenge keeping 4 kids alive and reading is my escape mechanism so when my brother was telling me that I HAD to read Zelazny, I put it on my wishlist and out of my mind until we were both at our dad's house and this book was on the shelf that my dad had said to go see if I wanted to borrow off of.  My brother hadn't read this one but put it in my hands anyway and said "go forth and experience Zelazny".  I learn afterward that he has books with princes and unicorns and all that pretty stuff but nooooo, this is the one I end up with.

And I'm glad.  It was a provocative and thought-provoking read.  The protaganist, Sandow, is not a likable character.  He's lived over 1000yrs and just doesn't give much a hoot about anyone except a few people from his past, one "friend" in current time, and his Pei'an mentor who taught him how to world-build.  He's made enemies but none who are in any position to do anything to him so who is now sending him pictures of dead friends?

The search leads to answers of a sort but the truth does not set one free in this case.  He must go to one of the world's he created and face someone who has been planning his downfall for years but things change once he gets there and the one he thought was his enemy is now an aide and one he thought long dead is back and has a god working with him, the god that is the arch-enemy of Sandow's own Pei'an god.

I really enjoyed this book where things were never quite what you thought they would be and I was often on my toes trying to figure out where things were going.  And I'll definitely be reading more Zelazny.

Page count: 190p/27,034p ytd

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